M INC. stands out because of its strategic approach, expertise and network

M INC. › change the game helps sport leaders, nationally and internationally, turn good governance into a winning strategy for building trust, growth and performance into the future.

Sport leaders value M INC. as a trusted partner in the area of good governance. Not only do they acknowledge that M INC. helps them identify and address the most critical governance challenges to their organizations in for them value-adding ways. They also appreciate that M INC.’s custom-made services reflect their own perspectives in bringing governance standards to a best in practice, leadership level.

More specifically, sport leaders value working with M INC. because of its:

  • Approach to placing good governance in a strategic context of building trust, growth and performance into the future.
  • Independent and expert-based process facilitation, advice and challenge.
  • Expertise in working across sports, countries and sectors.
  • International and high-level network.
  • Experience in developing multi-stakeholder solutions to complex problems.
  • Caring professionalism and business principles.
  • Giving-back philosophy focused on in-kind support and financial support to projects and organizations that evolve around the mix of sport, children, values and positive societal change. For instance, such projects engage underprivileged children in further developing their qualities of character, ethical values and leadership skills through educational sport activities.

Value creation, cost consciousness, excellence, team play and integrity are at the heart of everything that M INC. does and stands for. M INC. only accepts new business when it does not compromise the delivery of high quality in already committed projects. M INC. never sells services that business partners do not need. M INC. safeguards the confidentiality of information, discloses any potential conflicts of interest and does not give or accept inappropriate gifts or entertainment.