News: April 2013

Michael Pedersen’s first contribution to iSportconnect’s new expert column on sport governance, which is offered to the world's largest global private network of sport business executives, is now available online. The contribution marks an agreement with iSportconnect for Michael to offer perspectives on sport governance to the iSportconnect community once a month.

The first contribution, ‘Sport Governance – What Are We Actually Talking About?’, offers clarity and an attempt to contribute to the much-needed development of a common understanding of what comprises sport governance.

While posting the contribution, Michael Pedersen expressed the view that “sport governance is increasingly acknowledged as a critical challenge to sport leaders.” Referring to the fact that there is yet no common international understanding of what comprises sport governance and that the notion of corruption is being used at random to describe almost any potential wrongdoing, he emphasized that “sport leaders face the risk of inadequately considering all relevant risks and opportunities in their decision-making about future governance.”

Sree Varma, CEO, iSportconnect, expressed appreciation of the new collaboration with Michael Pedersen. "Working with Michael on the idea of creating an Expert Column on 'Sport Governance' has been fantastic,” he said, as the first contribution was being posted online. Sree then went on to say: “I think that the world's largest global private network of sport business executives will greatly benefit from Michael Pedersen's expertise in this particular field."

Echoing the appreciation of the collaboration with iSportconnect, Michael highlighted the importance of the global sport community and its key stakeholders coming together to spot, share and shape evolving good practice in sport governance. He said that “iSportconnect’s expert column on sport governance is an important contribution in supporting sport leaders to engage in strategic discussions about future governance.

Michael Pedersen‘s future contributions will be posted online on the iSportconnect community website once a month. They are going to focus on GOOD governance in sport – why it is of strategic importance, cases of evolving good practice and how to actually go about modernizing governance standards.

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