News: March 2014

On 5 March 2014, Michael Pedersen spoke at the XIV Ordinary Assembly of the American Sport Council (CADE) in Santiago, Chile. CADE brought together approximately 60 sport ministers and other senior government officials from across South and North American countries.

In his speech, Michael Pedersen presented a project, which he leads in collaboration with the Peruvian Sport Institute, the highest governmental body overseeing sport in Peru. The project is to raise management standards in Peruvian sport federations to a best in practice, leadership level.

Beyond sharing common draft principles for good management in Peruvian sport federations, Michael Pedersen highlighted at the Assembly that the Peru project stands out by combining capacity building and the development of public policy incentives in terms of scope. Michael also emphasized that the project stands out in terms of process by combining 1) stakeholder engagement, 2) a holistic approach to governance and management, 3) international best practice, 4) local circumstances and 5) a 'value-adding to all sport federations' approach that takes into account the different sizes, resources and challenges of national sport federations.

In the discussion that followed Michael Pedersen’s speech, the Assembly participants widely acknowledged that professionally managed sport federations are the foundation for effectively implementing sport policies. Furthermore, in the Assembly declaration, they resolved to enhance collaboration among themselves to improve good governance and management in sport federations and to consider a new approach to improve governmental support of sport federations.