News: April 2015

Parkour Peru Team

Throughout 2015, Michael Pedersen has been helping Parkour Peru establish parkour as a recognized sport in Peru. The efforts are part of his volunteer work in support of remarkable local projects that evolve around sport, children, values and positive societal change.

So far, Michael’s help to Parkour Peru has included participation in meetings with mayors and municipalities to advocate for designated parks to practice parkour in - and eventually a professionally designed parkour park. In April 2015, Michael also sponsored 100 high-quality t-shirts, which were given to all active members of Parkour Peru for free. The t-shirts form part of a strategy to establish a common visual identity. They also come with the additional benefits of attracting more attention about the sport, while minimizing any potential discomfort of other users of public parks, where parkour is currently being practiced.

Reflecting on the experience, Michael Pedersen expressed that he has been particularly pleased to be supporting Parkour Peru, because it is a sport that showcases strong values. “Parkour Peru stands out to me in several ways,” Michael said. “Not only are boys and girls and men and women of all ages and abilities offered an opportunity to practice together as a community. Based on a non-competitive approach, Parkour Peru also offers a sport that allows everybody to win and embrace the combination of discipline, hard work, self-improvement and giving back to the community. And on top of that everyone interested can join the practice for free.”

Cristian Rodriguez, President of Parkour Peru, expressed his sincere gratitude for Michael’s help. “I would like to thank Michael Pedersen for his very kind and valuable support, and I am very grateful for his sponsorship too,” he said. “Michael is helping us in every point of the project, and I am, and always will be, thankful to him. Without Michael and Milagros Manchego [former Deputy Mayor of La Victoria Municipality in Lima], we could not reach all those important goals we are setting now.

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