News: August 2015


Michael PedersenMichael Pedersen spoke at 11th Asian Association of Sports Management Conference, which took place at Langkawi Island, Malaysia on 26-28 August 2015. The Conference, which is convened on an annual basis, brought together approx. 200 participants from 30 Asian countries along with representatives from regional associations of sport management in the rest of the world.

In addressing the Conference theme, “Reinventing Sport Governance: Policies, Processes and Pathways for the Future”, leading scholars provided their perspectives, research and insights. They did so through a series of speeches, panels, paper presentations and poster presentations.

Michael Pedersen offered some international perspectives on good governance in sport. In his speech, he emphasized that good governance is a strategic means of building trust, growth and performance. He also outlined and applied his framework for developing consensus on the scope of sport governance. Last but not least, he highlighted and recognized cases of evolving good governance practices across sports and countries.

For further information, see the dedicated Conference website