News: October 2015

Fair Play Congress Baku

Michael PedersenMichael Pedersen gave a keynote speech on good governance in sport at the 21st Fair Play Congress, which took place in Baku, Azerbaijan on 8-10 October 2015.

Organized by European Fair Play Movement, International Fair Play Committee, National Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan and Fair Play Committee of Azerbaijan, the Fair Play Congress brought together approx. 80 participants from 30 different countries. Many of the participants represented national Olympic committees from across Europe. In the context of the Congress, there was a special gala dinner ceremony, at which the World Fair Play Awards were given to a select group of athletes to recognize their outstanding fair play behavior.

The overall theme of the Congress was “Fair Play in Competitive Sport – ‘Making it Real’ or ‘Just an Ideal?’” Addressing one of four sub-themes, “Strategies and Policy Development in Good Governance In Sport”, Michael Pedersen offered an international perspective on good governance in sport. His keynote speech focused on the strategic imperative for good governance in sport, a framework for developing consensus on the scope of sport governance as well as cases of evolving good governance practice across sport and countries.

At the subsequent general assembly of the European Fair Play Movement, participants committed to promoting and engaging in the modernization of governance standards of sport governing bodies across Europe.

For further information, see the dedicated 21st Fair Play Congress website.


Fair Play Congress Baku