News: December 2015

Fair Play Congress Baku

On 9 December 2015, Michael Pedersen facilitated a sport governance workshop in Manchester, United Kingdom. The workshop took place in the context of the Master’s in Sport Directorship at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Based on a highly innovative, engaging and participatory design, approx. 20 sport professionals from a mix of sports and countries applied their extensive knowledge and experience in the workshop. The solutions, which they developed, particularly focused on sport governance challenges such as political and operational integrity, conflicts of interest and democracy models.

Following the workshop, Dr Sara Ward, MBA and Executive Programs Director at Manchester Metropolitan University shared some reflections on the workshop. "All students enrolled in our Master's in Sport Directorship and I are very appreciative of Michael Pedersen taking the time to travel such a long way to share his passion about changing the game and spreading the word about the importance of sport governance,” she said. “The students really enjoyed the interaction of being special agents on sport governance and reading up on the case study provided."

The Master's in Sport Directorship at Manchester University is a two-year, part-time course. It teaches a curriculum tailored to meet current and future demands of sport organizations. Beyond covering aspects such as sports leadership and personal development, enabling high performance, sport governance and masterminding innovation and change, the course stands out by applying neuroscience as a performance management tool. For further information about the Master’s in Sport Directorship, see the dedicated course website.