News: February 2016

Global Corruption Report

Michael Pedersen shared perspectives on evolving good governance practices in sport in Transparency International’s Global Corruption Report on Sport.

The Global Corruption Report, published by Routledge on 23 February 2016, is Transparency International’s flagship report. The 360-page report comprised contributions by selected experts and stakeholders on challenges and solutions related to good governance in sport.

Cobus de Swardt, Managing Director at Transparency International wrote in his preface to the report that “sport gives people hope. It provides joy to billions of people across the world, from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro to the boroughs of London. As fans we have a love affair with our favorite game. When our teams win we are ecstatic; when they lose we are devastated. When results – of games, of contests to host events or of elections to run sports bodies – are determined not by fair competition but by corruption, however, we feel betrayed. Cleaning up sport is therefore essential, not only for the good of the game but for the good of society as a whole.

Michael Pedersen’s contribution was titled “1.9 Examples of evolving good governance practices in sport”. Starting on page 62 of the report, the contribution highlighted and recognized leadership, nationally as well as internationally. It specifically outlined how selected sport governing bodies showed leadership in professionalizing the boardroom, developing new democracy models and publishing annual reports.

Further information about Transparency International’s Global Corruption Report on Sport is available through the following links: