News: March 2016


Michael Pedersen had two speaking roles at the 10th edition of Africa International Sports Convention (CISA). Organized by Jappo Sports and hosted by the Algerian National Olympic Committee, CISA brought together approx. 100 sport leaders from across Africa in Algiers, Algeria from 31 March to 2 April 2016.

First and foremost, Michael spoke in a panel on sport as an effective development tool in the diverse African economies. Moderated by Aboubacry Ba from Canal Plus, the panel also included Professor Gerard Akindes from Benin and Professor Abdoulaye Sakho from Senegal.

Michael PedersenIn his speech, Michael Pedersen made the point that a sound platform of good governance in sport is a prerequisite for sport to become an effective development tool in the diverse African economies. More specifically, he made the case that key stakeholders in and of sport will eventually all benefit from a sound platform of good governance for the following reasons:

    Good governance in sport builds: 1) trust by enabling strong relationships with key stakeholders of sport; 2) growth by facilitating increased participation and increased revenues; and 3) performance by attracting and retaining people fit for the task, motivated and supported to perform to their full ability.
    Good governance in sport ensures that public funds allocated to sport are effectively and efficiently spent in support of public policy objectives such as educating youth, reducing violence, increasing gender equality and improving health and reducing health costs.
    Good governance in sport supports children and youth (and so future businessmen) in acquiring critical life skills such as communication and interpersonal skills, decision-making and critical thinking skills as well as coping and self-management skills.
    Good governance in sport supports building a pool of people from across traditional societal dividing lines, able and willing to volunteer in support of making a positive societal contribution.

Michael Pedersen also spoke at a seminar for African sports journalists, which took place in the context of CISA. At the seminar, he made the point that sport reflects society with all its beauty and all its flaws. Michael also emphasized that African journalists have an important role to play in motivating governance modernization in sport, not least in highlighting and recognizing leadership as opposed to pointing fingers at bad practices only.