News: November 2016

(OVEP) 2.0 Inaugural Training in Lausanne

On 11-13 November 2016, Michael Pedersen participated in and gave a key note presentation on values and sport governance at the Olympic Values Education Program (OVEP) 2.0 Inaugural Training in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Beyond sharing his perspectives on the why, what and how of good governance in sport, Michael emphasized the fact that sport reflects society – with all is beauty and all its flaws. Along those lines, he made the point that people often have the high expectation that everyone involved inside and outside the stadium exemplifies the beautiful values of sport such as fair play and sportsmanship – and accordingly that people often end up disappointed, because that is not always the case. In fact, recent cases of corruption, doping and match-fixing in sport is a clear illustration of that.

In further clarifying his perspective on how sport reflects society, Michael Pedersen offered the perspective that people are different in terms of how they behave and are motivated – and that it takes an appreciation of exactly that to be able to design and implement adequate and effective sport governance standards. Along those lines, Michael emphasized that what is needed to motivate the right behavior of the majority of people, referred to as followers, is the mix of highlighting and recognizing the leadership of principled people on one hand and of finding and sanctioning wrongdoings of unprincipled people on the other hand.

Beyond his speaking role, Michael Pedersen very much enjoyed participating in the Olympic Values Education Program (OVEP) 2.0 Inaugural Training along with approx. 60 participants from around the world, who all shared a passion for the beautiful values of sport. Most participants represented national Olympic committees or national Olympic academies.

One month after the Olympic Values Education Program (OVEP) 2.0 Inaugural Training in Lausanne, Switzerland, Michael Pedersen also had a chance to experience first-hand, how the Program is being implemented in Lesotho during his visit to the country. On 16 December 2016, he gave a speech to and supported the handing out of certificates to approx. 75 participants at a one-week OVEP seminar offered by Lesotho National Olympic Committee (see picture gallery furthest below).

The Olympic Values Education Program (OVEP) comprises a series of free and accessible teaching resources that have been created by the International Olympic Committee. Using the context of Olympic sports and the core principles of Olympism, the Program is designed to encourage people to experience values-based learning and to teach them skills and strategies that will help them assume the responsibilities of civic literacy and good global citizenship. The Program communicates the benefit of sport and physical activity through an understanding of Olympism and its impact on individual health, enjoyment and social interaction. For further information and for downloading available tools, see the dedicated website of the International Olympic Committee.