News: May 2017


Support to formalizing Sport and Sustainability International at the organization’s inaugural congress in Paris, France

Michael Pedersen supported the inaugural congress of Sport and Sustainability International (SandSI), which took place in Paris, France on 23 May 2017. The congress marked the formalization of the new organization. It brought together approx. 130 representatives from sport organizations and other sport stakeholder organizations from across 30 countries and six continents. Sports represented included athletics, basketball, cricket, cycling, equestrian, football, golf, motor sports, rugby, sailing, skiing, tennis and water sports.


SandSI is the first global, multi-stakeholder organization focused on sport and the environment. The organization seeks to leverage the unparalleled influence of sport that cuts across traditional societal dividing lines to promote healthy, sustainable and just communities on the basis of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. SandSI’s core priorities are as follows:

  • Assist existing sport and sustainability organizations in increasing their influence.
  • Enhance the sustainability of sport events, venue design and operations.
  • Ensure higher importance of sustainability in procurement in the sports sector and its supply chain.
  • Mobilize fans, athletes and sport organizations in support of more sustainable behaviours.

In his statement of support at the congress, Michael proposed SandSI to make a commitment to substantial personal behavioral change in support of the fight against climate change a prerequisite for membership, for instance along the lines of the following elements of the Citizen’s Climate Pledge:

  1. I promise to do my best to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions caused by me and to cut my personal climate footprint by half within ten years.
  2. To achieve the target, I will pay attention to the climate footprint of my energy use, travelling, eating and consumption habits, electronic devices and household appliances. I will make low-carbon choices wherever possible.
  3. I pledge to consider addressing my unavoidable climate footprint by offsetting emissions which I cannot reduce with United Nations-certified credits, to become climate neutral now.
  4. I will share my experiences in making cleaner choices with my family, friends and colleagues and encourage them to sign the pledge, too.

Beyond expressing his strong support to SandSI, Michael Pedersen also specifically committed to supporting the further development of the organization through active engagement in its committees focused on ethics, communication and program development. He also committed to exploring potential collaboration in the context of the project that he is leading, which seeks to utilize the unique power of sport events and athletes in motivating behavioral change among fans in support of the fight against catastrophic climate change (see reference link below).

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