News: January 2018

Michael Pedersen named a ‘Trust Across America 2018 Top Thought Leader in Trust’

Trust Across AmericaOn 29 January 2018, Michael Pedersen was named a ‘Trust Across America 2018 Top Thought Leader in Trust’. Each year, this recognition is given to selected global professionals, who are seen to walk their talk in areas such as integrity, trust, leadership, culture, compliance, ethics, reputation, risk management and governance.

For the last eight years, the global trust alliance ‘Trust Across America-Trust Around the World’ has been honouring global thought leaders in trust. The alliance is comprised of members, who work collaboratively to enhance organizational trust through the development of trust tools and programs.

Barbara Brooks Kimmel, CEO and Co-Founder of ‘Trust Across America-Trust Around the World’, informed Michael Pedersen about the recognition given to him. Among other things, she said: “Each year for the past eight years, hundreds of hours are spent reviewing potential honorees and compiling a list of global professionals who ‘walk their talk’. Thank you for your work in building organizational trust and best wishes for more trust in 2018.

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