Evolving good governance practices in sport

M INC. › change the game attaches great importance to supporting the further development of thought leadership on sport governance. While appreciating that highlighting cases of bad governance practices helps building the case for change, M INC. is focused on recognizing leadership and highlighting cases of evolving good governance practices. This focus reflects M INC.’s objective of inspiring and encouraging more sport leaders to also exemplify and further define governance leadership.

Expert column on sport governance

M INC. has developed and published approx. 20 case studies on evolving good governance practices in sport. Each case study is focused on what a particular sport organization is doing particularly well in the area of sport governance. The case studies recognize the leadership of a mix of sport organizations at different levels of sport and from across sports, countries and regions. They take the form of contributions for iSportconnect’s expert column on sport governance, which is shared with the world’s largest online community of sport business executives with more than 23,000 members.

Articles offering a methodological framework for the case studies

  • The Strategic Importance and Urgency of Good Governance in Sport and What It Is All About

Case studies about international sport organizations

  • Badminton World Federation: A Winning Model for Democratizing Sport in the 21st Century?
  • The International Paralympic Committee: A Winning Model for Addressing Gender Equity in Sport?
  • Good Governance Leadership in Sport as Showcased by the Badminton World Federation
  • Good Governance Leadership in Sport as Showcased by the International Triathlon Union

Case studies about regional sport organizations

  • Good Governance Leadership in Sport as Showcased by the Commonwealth Games Federation
  • The 2014 South American Games: A Winning Model for Ticketing at International Sport Events?
  • The Executive Master in European Sport Governance: A Winning Model for Educating Sport Leaders for Tomorrow?

Case studies about national sport organizations

  • Canada’s Not-for-Profit Corporations Act: A Winning Model for Modernizing Governance Standards in Sport Governing Bodies?
  • Clean Games Inside and Outside of the Stadium in Brazil: A Winning Legacy Model for International Sport Events?
  • Colombianitos: A Winning Management Model for Sustaining, Scaling and Replicating Social Change through Sport?
  • England and Wales Cricket Board: A Winning Model for Transparency and Accountability in Sport?
  • Football in Germany: A Model Case for Addressing Match-Fixing?
  • Good Governance Leadership in Sport as Showcased by the Italian National Olympic Committee
  • Governance in Netball New Zealand: A Winning Model for Professionalizing the Boardroom and for Handling Conflicts of Interest?
  • South African Rugby Union: A Winning Model for Annual Reporting?
  • The Netherlands Olympic Committee and Sport Confederation: A Winning Model for Incentivizing Good Management Practices in National Sport Federations?
  • United States Anti-Doping Agency: A Winning Model for Independence and Prevention in the Fight Against Doping in Sport?
  • US Open: A Winning Model for Environmental Stewardship in Sport?

Leadership insights on governance in sport

M INC. publishes an insight series - LEADERSHIP INSIGHTS ON GOVERNANCE IN SPORT. The series supports a dialogue with 3,500 national and international sport leaders from across sports, countries and regions. It offers the global sport community an opportunity to spot, share and shape evolving good governance practices in sport.

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  • The business case for good governance in sport
  • The case of the Scottish Football Association on how to enable modernization of governance standards, including perspectives by Stewart Regan, the association’s chief executive

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