M INC. services reflect sport leaders’ own perspectives

M INC. helps sport leaders, in and across sports and countries, raise the governance standards of their organizations to a best in practice, leadership level in for them value-adding ways. In doing so, M INC. offers three core services. These services, always subject to customization, reflect the perspectives that more than 100 top leaders of national and international sport organizations have kindly shared in private meetings and conversations.

The core M INC. services are as follows:

  • Governance training for board members and executive management in a sport organization, based on proven methods for highly engaging, interactive and change oriented workshop facilitation. The training is focused on the why, what and how of sport governance.
  • Facilitation of a process to raise the governance standards of a sport organization to a best in practice, leadership level.
  • Support in building governance capacity among the member entities of a sport umbrella organization, in a particular sport or in a particular country, for instance through the development of a strategic governance toolbox that reflects the diversity in size, resources and specific governance challenges of member entities.

Beyond the core services, M INC. offers a range of other services, available upon request and subject to customization too.